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Play Kill All Zombies Kill All Zombies
rating (15486 Votes)
The world has been dominated by zombies! Take your monster truck out for a rampage and kill as many undead as you can.
Play Grand Truck Grand Truck
rating (3512 Votes)
Use all the horse power of your monster truck to dominate every terrain.
Play Top Truck Top Truck
rating (13851 Votes)
Make the crowd go WOW! by reaching the finish line on time.
Play War Machine War Machine
rating (13369 Votes)
This is a really cool game where you get to drive a monster truck and take it to the warzone!
Play Hell Cops Hell Cops
rating (6606 Votes)
Dominate the streets by crushing everything that stands in your way.
Play Monster Trucks Attack Monster Trucks Attack
rating (3560 Votes)
Destroy all the monster trucks by slamming them to the ground as hard as you can.
Play Monster Truck Racing Monster Truck Racing
rating (2155 Votes)
Dominate the race track by collecting nitro boosts and driving offensively.
Play Crazy Mustang Crazy Mustang
rating (6631 Votes)
Listen to the roar of your engine as you drive your truck all the way to the finish line.
Play Monster Truck Rampage Monster Truck Rampage
rating (4700 Votes)
Not only will you get to drive an awesome monster truck, you also get to destroy other trucks using your built-in cannon!
Play 4x4 Monster 4x4 Monster
rating (1866 Votes)
Endure the harsh terrain and annoying obstacles as you try to reach the finish line without crashing.
Play Extreme Trucks USA Extreme Trucks USA
rating (3375 Votes)
Take your diesel beast to the most unforgiving terrains on the planet.
Play Crazy Truck Crazy Truck
rating (2748 Votes)
Listen to cool music inside your truck as you accomplish every task handed to you.
Play Monster Truck Curfew Monster Truck Curfew
rating (1525 Votes)
Oh no! You have to get home before curfew! Jump in your monster truck and hurry back to your place.
Play Big Truck Adventures 3 Big Truck Adventures 3
rating (1181 Votes)
Drive your monster truck on serene but challenging terrains to collect points and experience.
Play Big Truck Adventures: Canyon Run Big Truck Adventures: Canyon Run
rating (1017 Votes)
Race your truck through impossible terrains to be the best.
Play Rip Rage Rip Rage
rating (1742 Votes)
Drive to the finish line fast and leave a trail of destruction behind.
Play Monster Trucks Europe Monster Trucks Europe
rating (8357 Votes)
Travel across Europe using your diesel monster.
Play Mad Truck Mad Truck
rating (1870 Votes)
Take the racing truck to the finish line in less than a minute. Can you handle this monster?
Play Speed Trucks Speed Trucks
rating (1612 Votes)
Upgrade your monster truck to become the baddest machine on the road.
Play Top Truck 2 Top Truck 2
rating (1746 Votes)
Play this game on Zombie Mode to be able to crush the undead under your colossal wheels.
Play Monster Wheelie Monster Wheelie
rating (2029 Votes)
Prove that you are worthy of being a monster truck master right here and right now.
Play 4 Seasons Easy Truck 4 Seasons Easy Truck
rating (1107 Votes)
Collect stars to boost your points as you travel through different seasons.
Play Over The Rock Over The Rock
rating (823 Votes)
Be the best in offroad racing using one of the most powerful engines ever built.
Play Kamikaze Truck Kamikaze Truck
rating (4770 Votes)
Use speed and driving skills to make it to the finish line without hitting any cars.
Play Killer Trucks Killer Trucks
rating (16926 Votes)
The world is in chaos! Steal a police car and try to escape from the city as fast as you can.
Play Monster Truck Trials Monster Truck Trials
rating (781 Votes)
Push your monster truck to the limits. Break records and perform insane stunts.
Play Monster Jam: Destruction Monster Jam: Destruction
rating (5993 Votes)
Take your monster truck out for a ride and destroy everything that gets in your way.
Play Shadow Factory Shadow Factory
rating (508 Votes)
Use a sturdy monster truck to explore the dangerous parts of a mysterious factory.
Play Jump Racer Jump Racer
rating (1636 Votes)
Tame your monster truck and make it jump beautifully across the air.
Play Monster Truck Monster Truck
rating (701 Votes)
Survive the desert race with nothing but your driving skills and a gallon of fuel.


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